Where is seed junky genetics located?

Where is seed junky genetics located?

Seed Junky Genetics (SJG) stands as a distinguished leader in the California cannabis market, celebrated for our collection of prize-winning cannabis varieties.

Is Seed Junky genetics good?

Seed Junky Genetics is highly regarded in the cannabis industry for producing quality strains with robust genetics. They have a reputation for developing award-winning and popular strains that are favored by both cultivators and consumers for their potency, flavor profiles, and variety. The positive reception of their strains in the market suggests that Seed Junky Genetics is considered a reputable and respected breeder within the cannabis community.

What are the trulieve seed junky strains?

Trulieve offers a selection of cannabis strains that have been developed by Seed Junky Genetics. These strains are part of their product lineup and are known for their quality and unique genetic profiles. The specific strains available can vary based on location and inventory, so it’s best to check with Trulieve directly or visit their website for the most current information on the Seed Junky strains they carry.

  • Sweet, Creamy. Hybrid. CREAMY Z. …
  • Sweet, Citrus. Hybrid. BUBBLE GUM SHERB. …
  • Gassy, Berry. Indica. PURPLE OCTANE. …
  • Pine, Citrus. Sativa. PINEAPPLE FRUZ. …
  • Earthy, Vanilla. Indica/Hybrid. LA KUSH CAKE. …
  • Piney, Gassy. Hybrid. ANIMAL FACE. …
  • Sweet, Vanilla. Indica. CAKE BATTER. …
  • Berry, Pine. Hybrid. BLACKBERRY PIE.

Who founded seed junky genetics?

Seed Junky Genetics was founded by a breeder known in the cannabis community as J Beezy. He is recognized for his extensive work in breeding and developing high-quality cannabis strains, contributing to the brand’s reputation for producing some of the most sought-after genetics in the industry.

What is seed junky known for?

Seed Junky Genetics is known for its expertise in cannabis breeding, producing a range of highly sought-after and award-winning cannabis strains. They are renowned for their meticulous selection process, which results in potent strains with unique terpene profiles, desirable effects, and consistent quality. Seed Junky’s strains are often celebrated for their flavor, aroma, and the strength of their effects, making them popular among both recreational users and medical patients. Their work has made a significant impact on the cannabis industry, with many of their genetics becoming foundational for new hybrid creations.

Who is J Beezy?

J Beezy is the alias of the founder and lead breeder of Seed Junky Genetics, a prominent cannabis breeding and seed company. He is well-known in the cannabis community for creating high-quality, potent, and flavorful cannabis strains. J Beezy has garnered respect for his dedication to the craft of cannabis cultivation and breeding, contributing to the development of some of the most popular and respected strains in the market. His work with Seed Junky Genetics continues to influence the cannabis industry by setting high standards for genetics and breeding practices.

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