Seed Junky Genetics Collection

Seed Junky Genetics Collection

Seed Junky Genetics Collection is a curated assortment of genetic strains developed by Seed Junky Genetics, a well-known breeder in the cannabis industry. This collection showcases a variety of unique and high-quality cannabis strains designed for both enthusiasts and cultivators.

SeedJunky Genetics is renowned in the breeding and cultivation sphere, with a solid history and extensive experience. They come with a wealth of industry knowledge, honed over many years. They’ve gained fame for creating some of the most powerful strains, such as Wedding Cake, G-Rod OG, and the iconic Gelato 33, among other notable hybrids. Their strains have frequently taken home prizes at various cannabis cups. It’s rare to encounter an industry insider who isn’t familiar with SeedJunky Genetics, especially their celebrated Gelato 33 variety.

We’ve successfully acquired an extensive selection of in-demand strains to expand our continuously growing collection of cannabis seeds. Just as you prioritize quality, we share that commitment. You can be confident that any choice you make from our selection will provide you with exceptional seeds boasting top-notch genetics.

Finally, we invite you to explore the remarkable Octane Mint Sorbet, Ogee Crasher, Kush Sorbet, and other unique strains. Or, delve into our extensive catalog featuring hundreds of cannabis seeds from various seed banks. Seed Junky Genetics Collection

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